An estate-aged red wine from “A Taina” in Gomariz. Made with Souson, common Grenache and Carabuñeira.

Wine from a 2000m2 plot on clay soils with schist sub-soil that doesn’t always see the market every year, only in exceptional years.

Seica was one of the first plots that was cultivated biodynamically. From this experience, this method has been carried out on all of the plots in Gomariz. This is why on label there is an eclipse, the same as to be able to make “Seica” there needs to be an eclipse between man and nature to allow to have sufficient grapes and quality to make it.

SE-I-CA comes from SE (to be) bio, oenologist, I (and), CA from Carreiro – the owner of the winery – and also it is an expression used in Galician that means “maybe”, a very good representation of the Galician idiosyncrasy.

It’s the spoilt child of Gomariz. Harvested with the utmost care by hand and selected in the vineyard, de-stemmed by hand also and crushed using feet, macerated in open-top vats with manual punch downs also.

It is a great vino that is sold by reservation only due to the limited production.

The description of Seica would be velvety.

Only in Casex6, for present, casex3, only 750 ml format

More detailed information in the file and pictures to download in “Los Vinos de Miguel

IGP (D.O): Ribeiro
Varieties: Sousón, Garnacha y Carabuñeira.
Annual Average Production (Bottles): 600