Licor Café + Gomariz

Licor Café + Gomariz

Coffee liqueur made from liquor distilled in Gomariz in our own distillery. One of the three authorised distilleries in the province of Ourense.

The coffee liqueur is very traditional in the area where many families have been making it for decades. Ricardo Carreiro learned the recipe by listening to his elders as they made it when he was younger at home.

Nevertheless, this product is fruit of long investigations and trials with different coffees from all over the world with different levels of toasting to achieve the extraordinary liquor for coffee lovers.

It is made with two gourmet coffees produced in high altitudes: Pico de San Cristóbal and Volcán de Oro; both give freshness and aromas to a liquor that has rested for years in our cellar.

Only in case x 6 bottles or case x 1, only 700 ml format

More detailed information in the file and pictures to download in “Los Vinos de Miguel