The climate is in between Mediterranean and Continental with Atlantic influence.

The peculiar climate is favoured by natural barriers and its meridional location in Galicia, that protect the territory from harsh Atlantic winds and storms and produce a microclimate of transition between oceanic and Mediterranean climates. For this reason, it is humid and the temperature is mild, around 14,5ºC on average. It presents characteristics that are a mix between oceanic and Mediterranean climates that allow the fruit of the vines to mature, preserving aroma and acidity.

The occidental sierras of Faro de Avión, Testeiro and Suído form a barrier that softens the harsh winds and storms that come from the west, north-west and the south-east, producing a peculiar climate characterised by contrasting temperatures between summer and winter, low rainfall for Galicia, the presence of frequent frost in winter and storms at the end of the summer and also lots of foggy days.

In the summer months there is a high amount of sunlight during the day, whilst the north-facing valley allows it to cool off at nighttime. This diurnal range can vary up to 20ºC, perfect to help ripen the grapes slowly and balanced, producing high concentration of colour and tannins in the reds and a higher proportion of aromas in both reds and whites.

The 4 seasons are very different and the annual rainfall is between 600 and 800 L per year, concentrated in autumn and spring. The summers are dry and hot with a high diurnal range.