Abadía de Gomariz

Abadía de Gomariz

This is the aged, red wine that best expresses the terroir of Gomariz given that it is made of the most well-adpated red grapes (Souson, Brancellao, Ferrol and some Mencía) all coming from the vines within the parish of Gomariz: A Vilerma, Viña de Ramón, Préstimo, Barreira, O Campo, A Carreira with clay soils, schist and sandy granite. Aged in oak for 12 months and later aged adequately in the bottle.

Abadía de Gomariz pays homage to the old Abbey from the 10th Century located in Gomariz; the oldest wine producing estate on the Iberian Peninsula (dende o Século X – since the 10th Century in Galician).

It is one of the most gastronomically versatile Ribeiro reds.

Cases x12, x6, for present, Casex3 and wood case for magnum. 750 ml and 1500 ml (magnum) formats.

More detailed information in the file and pictures to download in “Los Vinos de Miguel

IGP (D.O): Ribeiro
Varieties: Sousón, Brancellao, Ferrol y Mencía.
Annual Average Production (Bottles): 20.000