The Flower and the Bee: Sousón

The Flower and the Bee: Sousón

As a result of the first years of exporting THE FLOWER AND THE BEE was born, known in Spanish as “La Flor y La Abeja” and in Galician as “A Flor E A Abella” that gives its name to 2 wines within the DO Ribeiro: The Flower and The Bee White Treixadura and the Flower and The Bee Red Sousón, both very relevant in the industry.

An aged, single variety red wine made with Souson from the youngest vines within the Gomariz parish. Mainly sandy soils. Ribeiro.

It is the starting point of the Gomariz wines, to get to know the grape and the zone and to understand more complex elaborations.

Flowers and bees are the starting point of all vines and also in Gomariz.

It is aged for 4 months in wood to soften the tannins of the strong Souson that results in a fresh, fruity and very balanced wine. Perfect for daring food pairings that will always surprise. It’s singularity attracts the attention of sommeliers from all over the world for matching with star-winning dishes.

More detailed information in the file and pictures to download in “Los Vinos de Miguel

The Flower and the Bee, tinto
GP (D.O): Ribeiro
Varieties: Sousón.
Annual Average Production (Bottles): 15.000