Gomariz 12

Gomariz 12

A sweet, white wine made with Treixadura grapes from a plot located in the north of the DO Ribeiro on soils of sand. This wine falls outside of the DO.

“Doce” is a play on words of “dulce” (sweet) that in Galician is “doce” and the number 12 (doce) because it is 12th on the list in Gomariz if you count the anniversary wine that was released only in 2004.

Due to the east-facing location of the vineyard O Varón, the grapes ripen less and this allows us to produce a sweet wine by stopping the fermentation using cooling techniques and filtration leaving 80g/L of residual sugar in the wine.

This is a unique wine and we are pioneers in this kind of technique in the region. It makes for very daring and interesting food pairings.

Only in Casex6, for present, casex3, only 750 ml format

More detailed information in the file and pictures to download in “Los Vinos de Miguel

IGP (D.O): sin D.O.
Varieties: Treixadura.
Annual Average Production (Bottles): 5.000