VX Cuvee Primo

VX Cuvee Primo

An aged red wine from A Ferreira and Canceliña in Gomariz.

A blend of Souson, Caiño Longo, Caiño Da Terra, Carabuñeira y Mencía with 30 months ageing in new French and American oak barrels. No DO label.

Primo was the grandfather of Ricardo Carreiro, owner of the recent winery and this wine is a tribute to him. Primo planted a lot of the winery’s vines and he was a great lover of wine. This wine ages slowly and comfortably in the bottle. It is not made every year, only in exceptional vintages.
VX Caco and Primo are our premium line of red wines. They come from unique plots: A Ferreira and A Canceliña.

It was the “experimental vineyard” where Coto de Gomariz team did their investigating and research into what are the red wines in this area. Today, they express the true and special terroir. Defined as strong, mature and elegant wines with exquisite freshness.

Only Cases x 6, for present, Case x 3 and Wood case for magnums. 750 ml and 1500 ml (magnum) format.

More detailed information in the file and pictures to download in “Los Vinos de Miguel

IGP (D.O): sin D.O.
Varieties: Sousón, Caiño Longo, Caiño da terra, Carabuñeira, Mencía.
Annual Average Production (Bottles): 2.500