Many times they ask us what we can pair our wines with.
Wine and food pairings are the subject of much debate among sommeliers and experts in the world of wine, but there are a number of guidelines that are more or less common and accepted by all.

Wine should accompany and enhance food. Although today the consumption of liters of wine per capita is much lower than it used to be; something that we could analyze in another post, we must not forget that wine is, in essence, a drink and was created to accompany food, fundamentally.
As a general rule, reds are related to dishes where the protagonist is meat and whites with fish and seafood. However, nowadays, the complexity and diversity existing in contemporary cuisine and that the classic standard of appetizers, first course, second course is seldom followed; everything has changed and any combination is now possible.

What wine and food should never do is hide each other’s attributes, if not they should accompany each other, praise each other and in any case improve each other and not the other way around.

For this reason, for example, a powerful red with a lot of tannin, color and acidity would not be a good companion to something as subtle and delicate as barnacles, because that way we would only have the sensation of the wine in the mouth, but we would not taste the barnacles of the way they deserve. The same other seafood or a light fish.

But a young white, like COTO DE GOMARIZ, or it could even be a sparkling, champagne or cava type; they could enhance the salty touch of those shellfish or fish and make a pleasant and enhanced mouthfeel.
We recommend The Flower and the Bee Treixadura and Gomariz X (albariño) for a seafood platter, Coto de Gomariz also goes well, but accepts more complex elaborations such as a thermidor lobster, lobster or a baked fish with potatoes. what about some scallops or clams a la marinera, where the wine could be included in the recipe.

The summum of elegance would be with Coto de Gomariz Finca O Figueiral that with that point of wood and lees could even go to accompany white meats and fatty fish such as salmon or turbot and it would be a show of flavor with a carabineros rice or paella with seafood with a good seafaring background from grandma.

Asian food so rich in spices and all kinds of condiments, the wines must be white and complex, that’s why our wines with Treixadura are great for you. Well, the Treixadura has that volume in the mouth of its richness and complexity of nuances in the skin of the grape, which is very thick and rich.
A Moroccan-style couscous with vegetables would go great with a red wine with lots of fruit and aromatic, such as La Flor y la Abeja Souson or Abadía de Gomariz.

But, do not forget that the most popular dish around Ribeiro is Octopus and souson marriage with Pulpo y a must.

For a red meat, where the taste buds are excited by the sweet taste of hemoglobin, the tannins of the wood and the grape are a great company to reinforce those flavors. Taste Abadía de Gomariz or VX Caco with meet in any case.

Stews in winter time are required by the caloric contribution that mainly comes from the fat contribution of the pork meat fundamentally. In this case, the wines that pair the best are those with good acidity, such as sousón, as the freshness helps to enjoy, helping the palate and reducing the greasy sensation. But in general, the sousón that has a wide floral component and good fruit, a perfect combination with pork, for example, for a good american barbecue or argentinian parrilla and a delicious hamburger, sausages, chorizo ​​and with the excellent Iberian ham, which is always better. with live fruit wines that reduce the salinity of the salting or sausage.

For Galician beef, such as a good steak or an old beef entrecote, it is better to choose wines with good and long aging, such as VX Cuveé Caco, VX Primo or Seica.

As for desert, our Gomariz Doce 12 accompanies like no one else puff pastry and fruit desserts, soft butter creams or an almond cake. But there are those who suggest that sweet with Asian food goes great because it nuances the spicy and why not, it is a great option for the most exotic.

In the end, a coffee + Gomariz liqueur with some mocha chocolates would leave any diner ecstatic with pleasure with the flavors of Gomariz.

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